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The KindCongress website has been implemented to give quick access to users to every conference. Conferences and information displayed on this center will be displayed individually and independently on this website so that people who want to search for the conferences to present articles or participate in them can easily use its services.

Tabeeby has emerged from Middle East connecting people to healthcare providers. Since then we succeeded in raising the medical and health awareness among the population, taking the charge and we are in the pole position. Recently, Tabeeby has been developed into a modern format following a comprehensive upgrade to become the first unique and true Health Social that ensures easy, swift and fast access to thousands of doctors, medical entities & Medical events. Tabeeby has been featured as a media partner and created a recognition in hundreds of Health and medical events across the world, promoting their activities across our platforms to thousands of healthcare providers and millions of visitors. Acknowledging that the foremost valuable treasure in life is good health, Tabeeby uses state-of-the-art technology and up-to-date social media innovations to highlight the concept of prime health in our daily life.

Vydya Health: Find Providers, Shop for Products. Find providers from conventional, complementary and alternative care for professional help. Shop for products to maintain good health at In addition, Vydya Health provides integrated software platform for healthcare providers to manage their practice: Appointment Management, Class / Event Management, Contact Management, Directory Listing, Social Media Promotion, E-Mail Marketing and Payment Processing. All the tools work together seamlessly from one site. Get started at or reach us at [email protected]

Diabetic Association Charsadda is Non Governmental non-profitable Organization, Established in 1991 and registered with Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Registration and Control Ordinance Act 1961 Directorate of Social Welfare Government of Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa Pakistan. Main objective of this Organization are: 01. Provision of free consultation and physical examination. 02. To provide free medicine of Diabetic Patients. 03. To prevent or delay the development of Diabetes in susceptible individuals and   communities. 04. To maintain the health and quality of life of individuals with Diabetes through effective treatment and proper health education thus reducing morbidity and mortality. 05. To provide latest knowledge on diabetes to the health professionals.  06. To promote research activities particularly on the end generous like vegetable, fruits beans etc. 07. Provision of heath education and awareness.